Parents' Night Out

About Parents' Night Out


Parents' Night Out is held on the second Saturday of each month. Pre-registration is required; contact Stephanie at 317/345-1587 or for registration information.


The program is offered to foster, adoptive, and kinship parents once monthly as an option for the parents to take a break from parenting their special needs children and reconnect with one another. The children gather at the Flip Zone in Plainfield, IN (a limit of 50 children attend each event), and are supervised by the PNO coordinator, trained volunteer staff, and the Flip Zone staff. PNO runs from 6 pm to 10 pm on the second Saturday of each month. 

HFASI began the Parents’ Night Out (PNO) program in January 2010 through a federal grant from Adopt US Kids. The Parents’ Night Out program addresses respite issues for parents by providing planned respite for families of special needs children. Both parents and children have planned pro-social breaks in which to engage in activities to reduce stress and improve coping abilities. The respite program allows children to develop important pro-social community and peer contacts with volunteers and children in similar circumstances and backgrounds. The program addresses the significant issues of family stress, caregiver feelings of depression/isolation, marital tension, and potential risk for abuse and/or neglect resulting from family stress. Research has demonstrated that planned respite improves positive coping skills within families, improves stability of placements for both foster and adoptive children, and improves attitudes about caring for children with special needs challenges. HFASI has identified placement stabilization and permanency as a primary goal of the respite program. Additional goals include decreased stress among children, parents, and within the family as a whole; decreased risk of abuse or neglect; improved feelings of safety and well-being for families; and improved cohesion of families.