About Us

Heritage Foster Adoption Support Incorporated is a group of foster parents, pre-and post-adoptive parents, and kinship caregivers who are parenting children from the Indiana child welfare system. The mission of the group is to provide support and education to all parents who foster or adopt from the child welfare system, encouraging healthy families for all children.

The group started from a need for pre-adoptive and foster parents in west central Indiana to be able to communicate and receive support from one another, as well as receive support from experienced foster/adoptive parents. Heritage Foster Adoption Support Inc. was initially funded by a grant from Adopt US Kids, and is a member of the North American Council on Adoptable Children (NACAC).

Our Services

Support Group: HFASI provides educational and supportive opportunities to the west central Indiana community of foster, pre- and post-adoptive parents.

Training Opportunities: HFASI offers educational opportunities dealing with real-life parenting, as well as provide available support to parents in need who are parenting special needs children. All trainings are open to family and friends of current members as well as part of the respite care provider program.

Respite Circle: HFASI has started providing respite care among its own members, particularly among the licensed foster families. Members have established informal guidelines for respite care, and work out care giving arrangements among themselves as appropriate.

Parents’ Night Out: HFASI’s most popular program provides parents with an opportunity to have an evening out once monthly for four hours while their chil-dren are in supervised activities at no cost to the parents.

Service Recommendations: Recommendations to available resources in the community can be made as needed.

Our Goals

Provide the best education and training available to foster/adoptive/kinship families

Partner with service providers to clarify and improve communication in an effort to reduce the stressful impact on foster and adoptive families, reducing the number of families who eventually “drop out”.

Partner with other local agencies that provide foster care and adoption services in the area in order to provide additional support to families.

Partner with community agencies to provide respite programs to foster/adoptive/and kinship caregivers in the community

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